Sam Whiteout

Sam is a very old friend who is currently a social media influencer, social justice crusader and a huge crush in the men's fashion world. Him and I met when we were seven in theater camp (sorry to spill the beans, Sam) and have been friends through every step of our lives! Once we decided on a more casual look (though Sam still looks pretty A+), I thought Graffiti Pier, only a few minutes from my house, would be an awesome background for this superstar. Even though Sam isn't living in Philly anymore, it still meant a lot to both of us to shoot in a city we have spent a lot of time in together (though we were usually hitting up Restaurant Week).

Hall & Oates open The Fillmore

Yes, I found it weird after paying $100 for tickets that people in suits had their cars parked under I-95 in the far ends of Fishtown. But stepping inside The Fillmore for the first time was a whirlwind. Bars everywhere you look, and even though they don't have Bulleit, their liquor selection isn't half bad.

Hall & Oates performed just predictably. Not a ton of energy, but sounded solid and smiled enough. The lighting and sound were both flawless, so there wasn't much that could go wrong. Mayor Nutter even introduced the Philly-formed band onto the stage for the opening night "ceremony."

I'm not sure if the area neighboring Sugar House will really want a beautiful new concert venue, but it was pretty nice to photograph.