Dillon at Seljalandsfoss in South Iceland.

Dillon at Seljalandsfoss in South Iceland.

Uhhhhh. I don't have much else than that.


Iceland is exactly what everyone says, and then a million things no one tells you. There really are waterfalls every step of your travels, but it's harder to see the Northern Lights than you hoped. Hot dogs really are the traditional road snack food, but you probably aren't ready for the magnitude at which the country exists. It's a country of endless nature and confusing weather; making your heart full of bliss and race with a bit of fear at the same time.

Our trip started in the South of Iceland in Eyrarbakki, a small fishing town. Our cottage was right on the Atlantic and the wind whipped at 40mph every day. It rained, it snowed and then suddenly a golden sun beam came out briefly and warmed the air.

This quaint town was our gateway to the Southwest of the country; exploring waterfalls, open farm land and the best tomato farm you've ever seen.


We then moved on to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula for two days of rocky cliffs, eating on the coast and black metal churches (but really, why do all the churches look like heathens built them? Into it.) 


I'll leave the rest of the trip for after the photos, since that's why you're here, anyway.

The one thing I'll really push is that the Westfjords are way more beautiful than anything else in the country. If you have time, the right car, and the right season: do it. it's not for the faint of heart, and certainly requires a skilled driver and a sense of adventure. But after we left our third stop of the trip, everything else seemed less incredible. I didn't mean for it to take away from Akureyri and the North, but we spent two days without seeing more than two people. We'd drive for three hours without seeing another car, in the most beautiful, untouched landscape I can imagine. No photo will do that place justice, I swear.


After a day in the North that was lackluster (Dimmuborgir was disappointing), the Myvtan Nature Baths were an amazingly empty alternative to going to the Blue Lagoon (and much cheaper!). Think about stopping at those on your trip. A geothermal pool of some kind is definitely worth the money, though. Seljavallalaug is equally amazing in a different way (but not commercialized at all).


Our last night was spent eating hot dogs and drinking very expensive cocktails in Reykjavik. It's a really neat city, for sure. Just don't forget about the rest of the country - it's better than any city you'll see.


Thanks to my friend Michael for letting me steal his camera to shoot some instant film. And a super big thanks to Jessie, Deanna and Dillon for letting me fall asleep early and still see so much of the country. Oh, and any cool photos of me were taken by Dillon.