Diana of Unusually Lovely

My lovely friend, Diana, runs an awesome blog, Unusually Lovely. She makes the best baked goods, and some of the most interesting cocktail recipes I've seen! We took a few portraits for her blog in front of the new Electric Street mural in South Philly. Everything about her is full of color, smiles and cute outfits, so it was a perfect fit for her style.


night boudoir.

Did some exciting things with my photo bud, Michael. We had kind of a crazy shoot, since our subject's entire life was stollen out of my car 10 minutes into the shoot. This includes all her clothes, shoes, jewels and phone. Being a magnificent soul, she wanted to keep shooting so we could have something positive come out of this shitty event. Here is the aftermath:


PS, people actually copulate in Penn Treaty Park after dark.

Sam Whiteout

Sam is a very old friend who is currently a social media influencer, social justice crusader and a huge crush in the men's fashion world. Him and I met when we were seven in theater camp (sorry to spill the beans, Sam) and have been friends through every step of our lives! Once we decided on a more casual look (though Sam still looks pretty A+), I thought Graffiti Pier, only a few minutes from my house, would be an awesome background for this superstar. Even though Sam isn't living in Philly anymore, it still meant a lot to both of us to shoot in a city we have spent a lot of time in together (though we were usually hitting up Restaurant Week).