night boudoir.

Did some exciting things with my photo bud, Michael. We had kind of a crazy shoot, since our subject's entire life was stollen out of my car 10 minutes into the shoot. This includes all her clothes, shoes, jewels and phone. Being a magnificent soul, she wanted to keep shooting so we could have something positive come out of this shitty event. Here is the aftermath:


PS, people actually copulate in Penn Treaty Park after dark.

Winter in Brighton

I love the beach in winter. Hot summer days are made for cool swims, but the crowds in New Jersey leave me wishing I was at a secluded lake house instead. The deadness, deafness, of the winter beach is so serene and calming; reaffirming the silence of the season. And it means shooting in lingerie is totally acceptable. Seagulls stalked us, smelling the potato knish we had in our pockets, and a cold winter mist came down during this shoot at Brighton Beach.

c. boudoir in Big Sur, CA

It's not every day that your boudoir session is in a lofted tree house in the most romantic place you've ever been. So this was a special one; Big Sur has my heart. This shoot was on our second to last day of an adventurous road trip spoken about in my first post. Lace bodysuit from Urban Outfitters.