Girls' Weekend in Chicago


Do you sometimes forget how easy it is to be with your best friends? I had a reminder of that in Chicago last month, when we had a girls' reunion in the Windy City (plus Kyle and Abner...). We had lovely Chicago-spring weather - wind and specular light - and ate, drank, and danced until us old girls fell asleep around 2am.

Meredith and Kyle live in Logan Square (where we also rented a cute little Airbnb), so we made sure to do a brunch at Lula Cafe, where literally everything on the menu is worth getting. After filling our table with tofu & maitake mushroom scramble, a poached egg with raclette, and a ricotta & spring onion quesadilla (woah!), we naively ordered the pastry basket. Despite being too full to finish it after our meals, we heated them up the next day with mimosas and a famous Kyle breakfast. Worth it.

We spent the nicest day roaming the grounds and halls of Garfield Park Conservatory (FREE 365 days a year!). After staring in awe at the succulent room, we stumbled upon a field of opening tulips and daffodils. It's possible we laid there crying about the beauty of Earth for a moment. Anyway - don't miss this place, no matter what time of year you're in Chicago. For us Philly folks, it was almost Longwood Gardens-impressive, but you save the $25 and are spared the endless sea of children. 

Despite my being a whiskey girl, I can't say no to a gin bar. Scofflaw is that place in Logan Square. Their menu features adorable watercolor illustrations of all their house cocktails - mainly gin focused. It's worth trying a snack or two, as well. 

On our last morning, we all freaked out at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits. All my friends know I like to sit down in a well-decorated space with a bellini for brunch, but eating a sloppy biscuit sandwich on a picnic bench was actually better than that. Especially with guard-dog Abner making sure no food fell on the floor.

My heart felt full after reuniting the five girls I partied with, lived with, fought with, and danced with through my best years of early adulthood. I'll never get over not being able to sit on a stoop with them most afternoons, but weekends like these make up for it. All my love.