Pope-cation in the Catskills

This weekend was magic. Though I've heard and seen many accounts of how incredible Philly was during the Pope's visit (biking on the BFB looked like the highlight!), I still feel we made the right choice fleeing to the mountains. Each night we heard coyotes howl at the full moon as we relaxed in a cedar hot tub. The same cow woke us up each morning as she moo-ed loudly (she could hold quite a note). 

On day two we hiked up Balsam Mountain - a 4 hour hike up to scenic views of the Catskill Mountains. Afterwards, Dillon and I stopped for a treat at Bun n Cone, a local burger and ice cream joint in Margaretville, NY.

One morning the mountains were gone - the morning fog hung around for hours, just so we could photograph its beauty.

Beside the fire, I let myself fall asleep at 8 if I wanted to, and woke up when the sun came in through the windows. It was one of the nicer trips I've made this year, Cuba and all.


To the many mountains I missed: I will return to you soon.